Friday, June 17, 2011

What DO Women Want?

Commenter Mark got me thinking about Rando Encounters, and I think he brought up some good points as far as the male perspective goes in response to today’s post. Which in turn made me curious—what could a rando do to make a more favorable first impression? How does one successfully pick up a woman at a bar?

Sidebar: And by “pick up” I don’t mean for the sole purpose of an RMOS or one-night stand, but rather to build the foundation to ask her out on an actual date at a later date. Which, for the record and in my opinion, should be set up via phone call and not text message. But that might just be personal preference ;)

So readers, what do you think? Ladies, how would an ideal first meeting go down in this kind of social environment? Gentlemen, do you have any success stories?  

Hopefully, this will keep you busy and entertained over the weekend J Comment below!


  1. Any girl I meet in a bar is just for fun. No serious foundation is formed with smoke in the air, cheap drinks all around, the smell of cheap cologne in the air. Except my sister did meet her husband at Volcano' I guess it's possible.

  2. When a man acts himself, that is the best scenario. It is about having fun and enjoying another person's company.

  3. The bar is very, VERY high. There is something that makes the whole experience plastic, unnatural, unrealistic. The things seen by candlelight end up being not as beautiful in the light of day.

    That said, there must be a connection already made before—the deeper the better.